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'Run by two ridiculously charismatic best friends, Mam Sham is more house party than supper club.'

 They're the new babes of banqueting, young vixens of victuals   and they bring a fresh kind of ironic brassiness and frequent   female focus to the dining experience. 

The duo is behind Mam Sham, one of the most anticipated and subversive supper clubs in the capital. “Good grub and LOLs” runs the tagline, and it’s a message that delivers. The Mam Sham pair has collaborated with some of London’s hottest comedians, chefs and restaurants.

 Foodism's 'Pick of London's' Best Supper Clubs 2019 

'...go one step further with costumes, glitter and stand up comedy. If that sounds like your cup of tea then scroll down to read up on Mam Sham – the cult supper club by best mates Maria and Rhiannon'


Mam Sham is one of London's coolest supper clubs an incredibly exciting concept that brings together the two girls - and around 90% of the population’s - passions: food and comedy. Continue Reading...

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